Ethical book enticing children about conservation is also giving to conservation this Christmas

Thinking about a gift to give the little ones in your life this Xmas that will teach them about protecting our fragile planet and give to conservation at the same time?

This stunning childrens book created by my incredibly talented friend Deanna Anderson entices conversations about conservation. It has already become a hit amongst kids at schools in Australia and NZ and for a limited time, she is generously donating $10 for every sale towards our create a DNA test kit for the detection of rare and endangered species.

Just go to and enter the code: CATSDNA (for Australian residents only)

“Kikir of the Walking Trees’ captures the spirit of hope and determination in every adult and child to care for our precious planet. Thoughtful provoking reading for us all.”

— Lyndsey Jones, Mount Pleasant Primary, Christchurch, New Zealand

Natalie Schmitt